Monday, May 30, 2011

Betting Tutorial

Seeing as some of my readers are not very familiar with betting, I'll try to explain some of the basics.

This is the most commom type of bet. Here you simply bet for a certain result/score/outcome. Typically, its in the form of:1 X 2 (1 being usually the player/team that has the home field advantage, X being a draw/tie, 2 the other player/team)

1 X 2 type bet

Other sports, such as tennis have only 2 possible outcomes: 1 (or) 2 (there is no tie/draw).

1 (or) 2 type bet

Yet another very popular type of bet is the so called Asian Handicap, which removes the possiblity of draws/ties by giving one of the teams/players a certain advantage. In the first example, a bookie might give Peñarol a 1.5 goals advantage, thus making a tie impossible.

Everytime you lay a bet, you are essentially betting against a certain result/score/outcome.

Back and Lay odds

For example, if we lay Peñarol to win, we'll get payed if Velez wins or if the match ends in a draw.
There are several other special types of bets, such as betting half-time scores, number of goals, number of sets in the match, etc. It's impossible to cover all, but most are fairly intuitive.

Thats enough for this post, next I'll explain the different types of odds, stakes and bankroll.
Be sure to check out my current betting balance @ google docs


  1. thanks for the tips im pretty new to betting so i didn't know some of the stuff.

  2. Hm. You'll have to continue with this tutorial because I'm intrigued. So going with the first example say you placed a 5 dollar bet if Velez won the pay out would be 1.41 times the amount?

  3. even if i read all kinds of tutorials, i would really really suck at this

  4. Great tips man, I'll test out your method.

  5. This is really interesting, I must try.

  6. This is very interesting because from my experience in betting on American football and baseball there is no provision for bets ending in a tie. In the rare case that a sport does end in a tie the house refunds the original bet.

    Also, I'm more familiar with the "money line" being the option for betting without adding or subtracting points from the final score.

  7. testing it right now! thanks for the tips

  8. Seems you have a lot of money to work with. Good luck!

  9. I'm too passive aggressive to bet on sports. Good stuff, though! Following!

  10. Me too ^ I'd hate to lose too much money :\

  11. Very interesting, but I'm from a family of failed betters so I think taking up the activity is ill-advised on my side.

  12. Interesting read! Thanks for the post.

  13. Nice, but without a strong hand no amount of betting will get you past a bad beat.

  14. i feel like i would still fail miserably at betting, but thanks